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Home Improvements That Puts Your Family First

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Improving a Home

Memories are built at home. From the first house that you and your partner walk into, the first pet you ever adopt, to the first steps of your child, and the countless birthdays and holidays celebrated, your home is a time capsule for the life that you lead. All of your hopes and dreams are born in your home, and it usually sees it through to fruition. When your home starts to show wear from a lifetime of good and bad, its time to seek repairs from a company that sees more than the value of the job. All American Home Improvement Inc knows that the value of your home does not just rely on the type of shingles installed on your roof, or the color of its walls. The value of your home stems from the people who live inside it, who make every day special by just being there, whether the day is a great one or not. 

We have been serving people for over 40 years, and we have always upheld our guiding principle that the client comes first, not the price tag of the job. This is why we have built on our knowledge and skills, encouraging ongoing training so we can better serve our clients. We keep the quality of our materials high, and the prices low.

Our clients have seen the amount of time and dedication we put into each and every job, and they have fallen in love with the work we do. We not only do the repairs, but we build relationships with our clients because we want every single one of them to know that they come to us for any of their roofing or home improvements.

Quick and Reliable Service

“I sent them some pictures of my damaged roof and within 15-20 minutes they called me back with a price-tag to do the job. They came out to fix it the same day. Very professional, knowledgeable, and easy to understand. I am 52 years old, and they reminded me of the old-school handyman who was real, trustable, and dependable,” – customer review off of Angie’s List.

Not only does our work speak for itself, but our clients speak high volumes of it as well. Passion for the people we serve drives our work, and we take great pride in the fact that we make sure it is a job well done. We will never turn away a client, and we work hard to make sure that we take care of their home improvement needs swiftly, to ensure that their home is safe.

From roofing, siding installation, gutter repair, and painting services, we have made sure we are able to perform any task asked of us. We want to be there for our clients, not just for their roofs but for the whole home. We enjoy getting to know each one of our clients, and often know them on a first-name basis before the job is done.

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Clients Come First

“I was very impressed with the way they keep all the debris contained in the work area. They even stopped to allow us to let the dogs out at various times of the day. A good part of the roof, as well as the wood underneath, had to removed and replaced. Time was taken to remove the debris on the deck as well as the ground at various portions of the job. The team worked in a very professional manner and the big job was completed in one day to my surprise. This job was done on a Sunday because the rain was expected and Jeremy indicated he did not want us to be inconvenienced,” client review on Angie’s List.

We don’t just claim to put our clients first, we follow through. We understand that life can be hectic, and we don’t want a malfunctioning section of your home to cause you or your family any more inconvenience. We answer to service calls quickly, because we understand the danger that comes with leaving a problem sitting for too long. We want to see your home working hard to protect and provide a worthy living environment for your family to grow and thrive.

Knowledge Is Power

We understand the fact that the more you know, the more control you have over the decisions you make in your lifetime. As a wise man once told us, “life is ten percent what happens to you, and ninety percent of how you respond to it.” We make this our driving motivation to make sure our clients understand what caused their home to need repairs, prevention for it happening again, and how we are going to fix it. We also do not take offense to clients wanting a second opinion, as we want them to feel confident in their choice of roofers or home improvement specialists.

Contact Us

We believe strongly in our knowledge and our ability to aid you in your home repairs. If you are looking to find a team of roofers or home improvement specialists you can count on, turn to the team of expert roofers at All American Home Improvement Inc. Call us today at (516) 986-3979 for home improvements in Long Island and Farmingdale, NY. We look forward to meeting and working with you to make your home into one that will support more great memories for years to come.