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Our Roofers in East Meadow, NY, are Constantly Training to Ensure the Highest Quality of Roofing Services.

The Best Roofers in Town

Your roof is a valuable investment for your home because it insulates your house against the elements and keeps debris and intruders out. Most people also want theirs to look good while functioning properly at the same time. That’s why our contractor team is proud to offer such a wide array of services geared at keeping your house in peak operating condition. We perform all basic roofing service functions like annual inspections, leak repairs, and even emergency repair services. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to homeowners like you. When you need an expert roofing contractor and roofer in East Meadow, NY, you need the home exterior specialists of All American Home Improvement Inc, so call (516) 986-3979 for more information!

Hiring a Professional Roofer in Roofer in East Meadow, NY Guarantees Quality Home Renovation Services.

Four Generations of Experience

We’re a family-owned business and have been for years. Each generation passes on decades of roofing experience to the next, while the younger generation brings in training on the newest and most up-to-date service techniques available. Our team of professional roofing contractors is trained and licensed to provide whatever residential renovation service that you need. We’ll show up on time and do the job right. When you’re looking for a professional roofer in East Meadow, NY, contact the specialized craftsmen of All American Home Improvement Inc at  (516) 986-3979 for a free consultation.

Local Roofing Services

We offer a myriad of roofing services to people in the area. Each and every one of our contractors has experience conducting inspections and repairs. Our people work on all different kinds of jobs to guarantee they are capable of any task thrown at them. If you need a high-quality roofer in East Meadow, NY, call the professional contractors of All American Home Improvement Inc at  (516) 986-3979 for details about our services.

  • Roof Inspection We’ll take a look at your house to ensure it’s not developing any minor leaks or problems.
  • Roof Repair Our team specializes in all manner of repairs. We do it all, from minor leaks to extensive storm damage.
  • Roof Installation When the time comes for a new roof, we’ll walk you through the process of selecting the right materials for you.
  • Emergency Roof Repair If a storm rolls through and damages your home, or a major leak pops up overnight, we’ll be there to fix it.

Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection Service

Experts suggest that you have your roof inspected annually, so we’re available to take a look at it when you need us to. All American Home Improvement Inc‘s contractors conduct inspections for an annual check-up, after a major storm, or even if you suspect there is damage or a leak. We’ll check for cracks, leaks, missing or damaged shingles, and missing or damaged flashing. If there is a problem, we’ll give you our recommended course of action. Our team will always give you time to get a second opinion, barring roofing emergencies of course. Schedule a roof inspection for your house with a professional roofer in East Meadow, NY by calling (516) 986-3979 today!

Roof Repair

Roofing Repairs

We provide residential roofing repairs when you need them. When you need someone to figure out the source of the issue, our team will find the best course of action. For the times when you need high-quality repairs, our contractors will fix cracks, damaged or missing shingles, and impact damage that allows water past your shingles or tiles. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, we’re the professional contractors to handle it. Give our team of expert roofers a call at (516) 986-3979 to learn more about repair service for your home in East Meadow, NY.

Roof Installation

Roofing Installation

We do provide services to help your roof last as long or even longer than experts think it will. When the time comes for new shingles or tiles, we’ll work with you so you get the best possible service. Our professional roofing team will help you pick the best new materials for your preferences and your budget. Contact us whether you’re looking for a normal replacement and not looking to change anything, or looking to upgrade to synthetic shingles or slate tiles. We’ll tear down and recycle your old shingles, then install your new one quickly and efficiently. Give us a call when you need roofing installation service for your house in East Meadow, NY at (516) 986-3979 today!

Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Service

No matter what your emergency is, we’re here to help. If your roof springs a leak because of an extreme storm, our experts will come to take a look. We can help if your residence is damaged by a tree-pruning accident. We’ll tackle any emergency service quickly and professionally to minimize the damage to your home, your family, and your property. Call our professional craftsmen at (516) 986-3979 when you need emergency roof service in East Meadow, NY.

Additional Roofing Services

We go deeper than traditional roofing services and have combined decades of contracting experience to remind us that sometimes people’s homes need special consideration. That’s why we also work on chimneys, flashing, and soffit, and fascia. Our contractors conduct roof restoration projects for people looking to breathe some life back into their shingles to try to hold off on a complete replacement. No matter what kind of additional services you need, our team of specialists can handle it. If you’re looking for a professional roofer in East Meadow, NY to work on your home, contact the contracting experts of All American Home Improvement Inc at (516) 986-3979 to learn more about what we can do for you.

  • Chimney Repair Your chimney needs as much attention as the rest of your home to ensure it lasts just as long.
  • Flashing Repair We’ll send a contractor out to inspect and repair your flashing if you notice a leak.
  • Roof Restoration Sometimes your roof needs a little tender loving care to ensure it lasts. We’ve got you covered.
  • Soffit and Fascia Repair When the underside and the outside of your roof need repairs, we’ll be there to fix them.

Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair

Your chimney needs attention just like the rest of your roof. When it starts to cause smoke to gather in your home, it needs service. Let us come take a look and diagnose the problem for you. Whether your flashing is damaged or your cap needs services, we’ll diagnose the problem and give you your best course of action to repair it. If you’re looking for a chimney repair service in East Meadow, NY, give us a call at (516) 986-3979 and we can help!

Flashing Repair

Flashing Repair

This helps seal the corners of your roof against the elements. Your flashing keeps rain from getting in between boards. So if it starts to weaken because of extreme weather, we can help. Flashing is usually involved in any component that is installed on top of your house, like skylights and your chimney. Once it starts leaking, you need service to keep it from getting worse and causing your shingles to rot! Call us at (516) 986-3979 to learn about expert flashing repair service for your home in the East Meadow, NY area.

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration

There will come a time when your roof needs to be replaced. Our team of experts knows how to use silicone coating material to help extend the life of your shingles if you’re trying to hold out on a replacement. It’s a cheaper option if you don’t have the funds for a new roof as well. Restoration service will help your shingles last longer and function better. If you’re looking for roof restoration service for your home in East Meadow, NY, give us a call at (516) 986-3979 today!

Soffit and Fascia Repair

Soffit and Fascia Repair

The outside and underside of your roof serve a particular purpose. Your fascia is a structural component that holds up your gutters and stabilizes the first row of shingles or other materials for your roof. The soffit is a structural component that helps ventilate your attic. If either component becomes damaged it’s a threat to your roof. Even minor damage should be handled with professionalism and care. If you’re looking for soffit and fascia repair for your home in the East Meadow, NY area, give us a call at (516) 986-3979 and we’ll handle it for you.

Home Renovation and More

Our team has branched out over the years to work on even more external parts of your house. We specialize in roofing services and other external renovations for people in the area. Your windows, siding, and gutters all need attention just like your roof does. Whether that’s repair, replacement, or initial installation, our team is here to help. We’ve also taken on home painting services for the people who need a change, either inside or outside of your residence. If you are looking for high-quality roofing contractors for renovation in East Meadow, NY, call the certified professionals of All American Home Improvement Inc at (516) 986-3979 to learn more now.

  • Gutter Installation Gutters help keep water from pooling on your roof, which helps protect against leaks. Our team fixes them.
  • Home Painting Services When your house doesn’t feel quite right, we have a team of dedicated painters that can change it to whatever color you want.
  • Siding Installation Your siding helps insulate and protect your home from the elements. Our team ensures it’s installed correctly.
  • Home Window Replacement We’re available to help you select and install the windows of your dreams when the time comes to replace them.

Gutter Installation

Gutter Installation

Our professionals work on gutters to help cut down on your chances of developing a roof leak. That’s because they help water drain in a controlled fashion. If they become clogged or damaged, water can pool on your roof and create the perfect conditions for the wood and shingles to start rotting. If your gutters need repair, or if you need new gutters installed on your home in East Meadow, NY, call our team of experts at (516) 986-3979 to schedule service today!

Home Painting Services

Home Painting Services

There may come a day when you wake up, look at your walls and decide that you hate absolutely everything about the way they look. While we can’t rebuild them from scratch, our contractors can paint them a different color for you. We offer home painting services that include interiors and exterior components of your house, like patios, stucco, and interior walls and doors. If you get fed up with your residence’s color scheme, or you just want a change of pace, give our team of renovation experts a call at (516) 986-3979 to learn what All American Home Improvement Inc can do to spruce up your home in East Meadow, NY.

Siding Installation

Siding Installation

This is an important component of your house’s weatherproofing and aesthetics. Vinyl siding comes in lots of different colors and helps protect your home from the elements. It also provides an additional layer of insulation. Our team of residential contractor specialists knows how to install, repair, and replace siding in an effort to upgrade your home’s curb appeal. We’ll replace broken pieces and parts that have become damaged over time. When you need siding installation and repair, you need high-quality service. If you’re looking for siding service in East Meadow, NY, call us at (516) 986-3979 to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Home Window Replacement

Home Window Replacement

Windows have a lifespan. It’s true, most windows are supposed to last between twenty to forty years. The better the installation service, the materials, and the upkeep, the longer they’ll last. Time wears down all materials and when you need new windows, we’ll be the team to come install them for you. We can walk you through the process of picking out your new style and brand of windows, then we’ll install them for you. We can also repair damaged components and window parts. Call us at (516) 986-3979 today for quality window replacement service for your home in East Meadow, NY.

We Handle all Types of Roofing Services and External Renovations When You Need a Residential Roofer in East Meadow, NY.

High-Quality Contractor Service

As roofing contractors, we focus on service excellence. That means we try to provide excellent customer service and high-quality repairs or installation service for each and every client we work with. Our team hopes to perform so well that you’ll never consider anyone else but us for all of your roofing and home renovation service needs. No matter how big or small the job is for your house, we’re the team that will handle it properly. Our specially trained craftsmen are busy honing their skills with each and every job we perform, and we’ll put every bit of our training and experience to work for you. When you need a roofer in East Meadow, NY, call the family-operated company of All American Home Improvement Inc at (516) 986-3979 for a free estimate!