Do you really need gutters on a house?

gutter installation

How do you keep water away from your house?

When water is allowed to constantly rush the edges of your home damages can happen to your situation and eventually show in your foundation. To keep that from naturally occurring, a drainage system is required and one such method for most Americans comes in the form of a gutter system. The way this and other drainage systems work is that they are situated in a place where water would naturally flow and carry it to a place that would not cause damage to your property. There are several benefits to an efficiently operating gutter system, some of which include:

  • Far less masonry staining
  • Sustain soil and keep landscaping in better condition
  • Fewer mosquitoes 
  • Less mold and mildew

Gutters for the most part are the primary reason as to how many Americans enjoy their property without fear of rainwater causing any sort of heavy erosion. While there are more systems that can serve your home, gutters have historically proven themselves the best option for homeowners in areas with a moderate amount of rain like that of Long Island and Farmingdale, NY. When used with gutters, proper yard maintenance and other techniques can keep your property looking fantastic after every rainstorm. So when you need installation or repairs for your gutters, trust All American Home Improvement Inc to get the job done. Call (516) 986-3979 today to schedule an appointment with one of our roofers today.

Do gutters increase home value?

Gutters provide multiple benefits to your home and do not necessarily stand to raise the overall value of your home by themselves. However, the drainage system does stand to assist in the endeavor of increasing your home value. The reason being is that it helps avoid standing water around the property and as mentioned keeps water from the roof from fully cascading over the edge. So when you take on a construction project or make improvements to your roof or yard, the gutter system can help in that process.

On the subject of installation and construction, a person is able to apply a gutter system to their own home. However, it should be noted that the process involves multiple that go into several segments of your roof and home. We suggest having an expert get the job done, like those found at All American Home Improvement Inc. The same suggestion goes to replacing and removing your gutters as well. All three process requires a person to measure out the edges of their roof, apply the support system and then the gutters.

How long do gutters last on a house?

Depending on the material you choose, your gutters can last between just under a decade to over fifty years. The reason being is that gutters are made to take a constant amount of punishment from the elements while maintaining a certain look also depending on what you choose. They can be painted or delivered with a certain look built-in. Either way, the materials that you can choose from for your gutter system include: 

  • Copper
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • PVC
  • Vinyl

While copper gutters last the longest with a normal fifty year lifespan, the most popular options are often galvanized steel and aluminum with twenty year lifespans. All three tend to be able in fitting specific appearances for homes that they are installed upon. When that process is undertaken, gutters are placed generally as the last addition when the house is built. The specific area of the installation positions the system slightly off the eaves for the most optimal capability in gathering rainwater rushing off of your roof. The support system that is nailed in to hold the gutters can often be seen hanging from the fascia board that keeps moisture from the attic.


Why don’t new houses have gutters?

Much of the United States has a different environment compared to Long Island and Farmingdale, NY that either requires a distinct format for gutters or makes them irrelevant in the construction process. For states that are arid and dry, gutters are often only added on by the homeowner if at all because there is not as much rain. While states like Florida and Georgia have either specialized gutters or different systems entirely due to that the rain is far more torrential than what would be seen in other states. 

Part of the upkeep process with gutters is the problems that come with heavier storms or damages caused by the more severe weather patterns. For example, those not built for snow in areas All American Home Improvement Inc provides for tend to get damages from ice and snow buildup. For that reason, there tend to be specializations for gutters in the area accompanied by services that take care of the colder weather patters. The importance of gutters in colder areas also helps a homeowner from developing ice on their driveways and sidewalks. While not a surefire way of getting rid of the problem, it does extensively help to level down the issue from becoming heavy. 

When you need gutter installation or repair services, you can rely on us to get the job done. Call (516) 986-3979 today to schedule your appointment with one of our expert roofers at All American Home Improvement Inc. Improve your gutters in Long Island and Farmingdale, NY today.