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Whether the neighbor’s kid threw a baseball through your front window or you are looking to save on energy costs by replacing your old drafty windows, you are going to want to find a team you can trust to make sure that your home window replacement is done correctly. Our dedicated family of home improvement specialists at All American Home Improvement Inc are experts in installing quality residential windows. Contact us at (516) 986-3979 for an estimate today so you can enjoy the energy-saving benefits and charm of having new windows with home window replacement in Long Island and Farmingdale, NY.

Why Should I Get My Windows Replaced?

Your home gives you a ton of notice and signals that state when an improvement needs to be done. Your windows probably have the most indicators, as they are a vital part of keeping your home secure and your energy costs low. Here a few signs to look out for when considering whether or not you should replace your windows.

Warped or damaged windows are a sign of concern. Even if they still operate, meaning they open and close, they can still cause issues to your home. Pay attention to whether or not they fog up, they stick when you are trying to open or close them, or they are drafty. If you notice these, it could be the sign or a broken sash, seal, or frame.

If your energy bill is on the rise and you haven’t changed anything in your home that would cause this then your windows might be trying to grab your attention. Your windows can help keep your home warm by allowing in sunlight but they also help keep the heat that is already in your home, inside. Drafty windows can cause your energy bill to rise, as it allows air to escape your home, making your A/C and Heating unit work a lot harder.

If you are considering selling your home, mentioning that you just got the windows replaced is a huge bonus for a potential buyer. It means that they do not have to worry about the state of the windows or the threat of their being a draft.

Severe weather can do a number to your windows. From cracked glass to broken sashes or frames, your home’s windows take on a lot of abuse. It is important to make sure that your windows are in good condition so that they can continue to protect your family from Mother Nature’s wrath.

If you are looking for to have a home window replacement in Long Island and Farmingdale, NY, then call your trusted team of window specialists at All American Home Improvement Inc by dialing (516) 986-3979

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Home Window Replacement Types

There are many different types of windows to choose from when considering the right type of window to put into your home. From single-hung windows to awning and casement windows, trust  All American Home Improvement Inc to help you find the best window to compliment your home.

Single Hung Replacement Windows have the top sash sealed and secured so that only the bottom sash moves. This allows for the window to have the ability to support different various geo-shapes which allow for a unique look to your home. These are best placed where the height of the area, where the window is being installed, is greater than the width.

Double Hung Replacement Windows both sashes in the window are able to move, giving the ability to better ventilate the home on a hot day. The operation of both sashes also allows for easier cleaning and maintenance of the windows. These are best placed where the height of the area, where the window is being installed, is greater than the width.


Sliding Windows allow for easy access to the fresh air by both panels of glass being able to move side to side. This helps for easier cleaning and creates a unique look and feel to your home. These windows are best placed where the width of the area, where the window is being installed, is greater than the height.

Awning Windows are designed to be open with an easy turn-down handle. This allows for an old-timey look while also allowing for easy cleaning access from the inside of the home. These windows are best installed where the width is greater than the height.

Casement Windows are also windows that open with a turn-down handle. The only difference is that these windows were designed to fit where the height is greater than the width in the area that the window is being placed.

Bow Windows provide a beautifully eye-catching look to your home. Great for dining areas or even living rooms, these types of windows are a set of 3, 4, or 5 casement windows that are set at a 10 or 15-degree angle.

Bay Windows is exactly the same as bow windows except for the angle at which they are placed, which is 25-45 degrees, and because of this, only have three windows.

As you consider which windows will look best in your home, do not forget to ask us about aluminum trim for your next home window replacement in Long Island and Farmingdale, NY. Aluminum trim is a durable cost efficient trim, which will not only look good with your new window but also help increase its lifespan. Ask us today about the different color options we have available, so we can help you pick the best style for your home.

Residential Home Window Replacements

No matter what your preference is on windows, you can trust the experts at All American Home Improvement Inc to make sure that your home window replacement in Long Island and Farmingdale, NY is done right. With many different and unique styles to choose from, we will make sure that you choose the window that is perfect for not only the aesthetic appeal but the needs of your family and home. We are dedicated to making sure you love your new windows and will not give up until you are satisfied. Call today at (516) 986-3979.