Roof Inspection

A Roofing Professional Inspects a Roof.

Analyze the Conditions of Your Roofing System

Just as you visit your doctor to get a routine check-up to make sure your body is working at its best, your roof needs regular inspections to ensure that it is doing its job properly. It’s better to catch flaws such as cracks and leaks before they evolve into a major catastrophe for you and your family. Typically, it is recommended to check your roof every fall and spring due to the sudden temperature changes. You should also get a roof inspection after any severe storm, as debris, strong winds, and hail can wreak havoc on your roof.  

If your roof is overdue for its check-up, don’t waste another moment and call the team that knows roofs the best, All American Home Improvement Inc. With over 40 years of experience and four generations of knowledge, it is our guarantee to find and help correct any damages. If you would like a free estimate or want to schedule a roof inspection in Long Island and Farmingdale, NY, call us at (516) 986-3979.

What Is Included In A Roof Inspection?

Our roof inspection services are very thorough, as safety for you and your family is our number one concern. We want to know that our clients are living in a home that is stable enough to keep them safe from the elements, and provides a secure environment for them to live, grow, and enjoy life together. Here is a rundown of our roof inspection services.

You can expect a complete examination of your roof, including the inside of your home to look for signs of leaks or cracks in your ceiling, which will tell us a lot about the health of your roof. Our expert roofers are looking for physical signs of damage and deterioration from age or the elements.

  • Cracks and leaks are signs that your roof needs to be repaired before they turn into a larger problem that threatens the integrity of your home. After storms, we check your gutters and your roof for signs of debris. Any debris stuck in your gutter or on your roof shows the possibility of damage to your roof or gutter.
  • Damaged or missing flashing points can lead to water and impact damage to tear through the most vulnerable points of your roof, which is where intersecting points meet. If we see this problem, we will recommend a flashing repair, which can help reinforce your roof and save you from costly damages. 
  • Curling, cracked, or missing shingles are signs of storm, wind, or hail damage, and need to be addressed before more shingles are affected, or damage is done to the roof. Having a shingle replacement will help strengthen your roof.

We also examine the condition of your soffit and fascia, paying particular attention to your gutter system and drains. These parts of your home are a vital part of rerouting rainwater and moisture off of your roof, keeping it safe from water damage.

We check skylights and roof vents for leaks and signs of damage, such as cracks or broken seals. This will guarantee that your energy bill stays low and that there isn’t the potential for a leak forming.

We also pay attention to roof valleys, making sure they have the proper flashing to avoid the pooling of water. Pooling water can create a breeding ground for insects, such as mosquitoes, which are a pest and harmful to your health. If you would like to receive a roof inspection in Long Island and Farmingdale, NY then call us today at (516) 986-3979.

Maintenance on gutters

Roof Inspection Services

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends hiring a professional roofing contractor to aid with inspections, as roofing companies, like us, know the warning signs of a struggling roof. It is also safer for a professional roofing contractor, like ourselves, to go onto the roof, as we follow only the strictest safety precautions to protect ourselves and our family. It is also highly recommended that you get both your gutter maintenance and your roof inspection done at the same time, as signs of debris stuck in the gutter are a good sign that debris has struck your roof. 

We are also able to help in inspections when concerning filing a claim for roof damage to your insurance company. We will give you a copy of the estimate, allowing your insurance company to know exactly what repairs are needed and how much they are going to cost.

All American Home Improvement Inc offers both gutter inspection and repairs, along with your roof inspection. We would be more than happy to combine these two services, allowing for your ease of mind, less hassle, and ensuring the safety and integrity of your home. If you are looking for someone to do a roof inspection in Long Island and Farmingdale, NY, give our expert roofing contractors a call at (516) 986-3979 today.