Architectural Roof Shingles

Architectural Shingles

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Architectural roof shingles are one of the more popular options for asphalt shingles. They are also known as laminate and dimensional shingles, due to their unique texture and design. Architectural roof shingles come in multiple shapes and designs, making them easy to fit with any style of home.

At All American Home Improvement Inc, we want you to feel confident in the shingles that you are purchasing. Because of the confidence in our abilities, our dedication to excellence, and our drive to provide the best for our clients, we have compiled a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether architectural shingles are right for you. Call us today at (516) 986-3979 to get your free estimate on architectural roof shingles in Long Island and Farmingdale, NY. 

Pros Of Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles have a lot more going for them just their beautiful aesthetic. They typically come with a warranty that is longer than those of traditional asphalt shingles, as they are generally thicker. The increased thickness of architectural shingles makes them more durable than other asphalt singles, helping them withstand impact damage from hail or debris carried by the wind. Their lifespan usually lasts 30 years at the least. If you maintain your roof with proper maintenance, you can make it last a lot longer, such as 50 years. 

Again, they are extremely durable. They are hardier than 3-tab shingles and are able to resist higher wind speeds. They are able to withstand wind speeds up to 110 mph, which is a huge difference compared to the ability of the traditional 3 tab-shingle, which can withstand wind speeds up to 60mph. This helps prevent lost shingles and prevents them from curling.

If you are also looking into selling your home, it helps to install architectural shingles as they raise your home’s overall value. This is due to the high demand for architectural shingles from home buyers.

Architectural roof shingles are also highly versatile when it comes to their look. They can be made to imitate that of cedar shakes and slate tiles. They are a lot less than either of these two roofing types, which makes architectural shingles a great option for those who have expensive tastes but aren’t necessarily prepared financially to support them.

Cons Of Architectural Shingles

Despite all of the wonderful qualities of architectural shingles, there are some things you need to keep in mind when deciding whether or not they are a good match for your home. Architectural shingles tend to be on the heavier side, which explains their increased durability. The only downside is small homes that do not have the same weight support may not be able to handle architectural shingles. Placing architectural shingles on a weaker home will make its integrity weak, which can lead to disaster for your home. 

Because of their durability and longer warranty, they are a bit more expensive than the 3 tab asphalt shingles. Architectural shingles generally cost about 25 percent more than 3-tab shingles. This is not suitable for those who are looking to stay within a certain budget.

Architectural shingles, though durable are susceptible to suffering damage from a major change in temperatures. Heat and cold cause the shingles to expand and contract, which over time can lead to cracking. If this happens, the shingles need to be replaced to avoid damage to the rest of the roof.

If one of your concerns in renovating your house is the environment then architectural shingles might not be the way to go. Architectural roof shingles in Long Island and Farmingdale, NY are not environmentally friendly and do not aid well in being recycled. Because of this, they are oftentimes dumped into landfills, which over time negatively affect our environment. If you are looking to go “green” with your home, you may look for more environmentally friendly shingles, such as cedar shake shingles.

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When Is The Best Time To Get New Architectural Shingles Installed?

Architectural shingles perform better in cooler environments, such as during the fall and spring. Installing architectural shingles during the winter runs the risk of the cold weather making them brittle, leaving them vulnerable to cracks during installation. Having your shingles installed in the fall or the spring provides a perfect temperature for the shingles to be installed and settle. This will help ensure that you have a stronger roof which leads to better protection for you and your family.

If you are ever unsure whether or not it is the right time to install new shingles onto your home, then contact the expert roofers at All American Home Improvement Inc. We have been working with architectural shingles for over 40 years, and we know its strength and weaknesses. We will help you find the perfect time to install your shingles and make sure that the job is done beautifully, and well enough that your new roof will last for years to come. 

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If you are looking for durability and a look that awes your neighbors and helps raise the value of your home, architectural roof shingles in Long Island and Farmingdale, NY is right for you! If you would like a free estimate on a new roof installation or shingle replacement or have any more questions, call All American Home Improvement Inc at (516) 986-3979.