Slate Roofing in Garden City and Great Neck, NY

Proper Slate Roofing Installation and Repair Will Keep Your Slate Roof Functioning Properly For Many Years.

Installation and Repair Service

Are you looking to increase your homes’ value and curb appeal while making your house more durable at the same time? It may be time for you to consider the benefits of slate roof installation. Our company specializes in installation, repair, and replacement services for local homeowners. Then we’ll tear off your old shingles and install a new high-quality slate roof. They look great, are naturally occurring, and increase your property value and curb appeal. When you’re looking for the best team to install a slate roof on your residence in Garden City or Great Neck, NY, contact the expert contractors of All American Home Improvement Inc at (516) 986-3979 for a free consultation!

Slate Roof Benefits

  • Durable Slate is incredibly durable. With proper care, annual inspections, and necessary upkeep, it could last over one hundred years. Most slate tiles are resistant to impact damage as well, though it might become damaged over time.
  • Environmentally Friendly Slate is a naturally occurring stone. It is cut into tiles for roofing. Since it doesn’t require any treatment, mixing, or chemical processes, it doesn’t emit any greenhouse gasses. It is also 100% recyclable after you’re finished with it.
  • Fire-Proof Why many other roofing materials are flame-resistant or flame-retardant, most of them will eventually turn into fuel for a fire given enough time. Slate is a stone that doesn’t burn. A slate roof may be the answer when you’re looking for an extra level of protection.
  • Insulation Stone roofing like slate helps insulate the homes they’re on top of. This added level of insulation increases your houses energy efficiency and saves you money in the long-run.
Our Team of Slate Roof Experts Know how to Properly Conduct Slate Roof Service.

The Slate Roof Experts

Our roofing company has four generations of collective experience handed down over the years. We are constantly training when we aren’t working on slate tiles or houses. That’s how we work to provide high-quality service when you need it. When the time comes for a new slate roof, don’t hesitate to call the best name in town. We’ll show up on time, we won’t go over budget, and we’ll be finished when we say we will. If you need excellent slate roofing service for your home in Garden City or Great Neck, NY, call the local contractors of All American Home Improvement Inc at (516) 986-3979 to schedule an appointment today!