Will a Skylight Affect the Temperature of my Home?

close-up of a skylight on a roof

Skylights have been around since the 17th century in France, installed in the Versailles gallery. It wasn’t until the 1970s that they became popular in American homes though, but they would eventually lose their popularity because they were known to leak.  Apparently, there wasn’t any skylight repair that overrode this problem until recently. 

Like anything that goes on the market in America, there is always something ‘new and improved’, and today’s technology has done this with skylights. No longer are they made of heavy steel and wired glass that added weight to a home’s structure. Gone are the days when skylight repairs are a major concern from the beginning! 

What is the purpose of a skylight?

Skylights today come in many different shapes from the factory. A skylight allows three times more natural light into a room than vertical windows. And for a room that is in the inner-most position of a home without any exterior windows, skylights allow it to have natural light.  Skylights give a unique architectural design to the structure of a home. 

Which direction should skylights face?

Skylights are like real estate; It is the location that can make the difference! Are you wanting to maximize natural light or solar heating throughout the day? A skylight installed facing north will have consistent lighting, but less heat. A skylight facing east will have the most morning light and solar heat, whereas a skylight facing west will get more light in the afternoon. 

Choosing to go with a southern-facing skylight will have better lighting and solar heat in the winter, but the summer heat will be strong. You should consider the placement of trees when deciding where to install a skylight. Repairs may be more frequent with the risk tree branches bring, but they reduce the amount of heat gained coming inside. 

What are the pros and cons of skylights?

A little sun shining into a bedroom, living room, or an interior hallway can give a home a cozy environment. Making it feel bigger, inviting, and open. Studies have found that the more natural sunlight, the better for our mental health and overall wellbeing. But what other benefits are having the possibility of skylight repair needed worth this architectural upgrade? 

  • Energy saver: Skylights offer natural light, minimizing the amount of electricity needed in a room. With strategic placement, a skylight can allow 100% energy-free light into a room, even an entire home! 
  • Creates space: Even the smallest square footage home will fill bigger with the natural light that a skylight can offer. 
  • Ventilation: A skylight window that is vented, will provide natural ventilation for your home. By opening a vented skylight, dust and humidity are let out, leaving a home clean and fresh feeling, and smelling, minimizing the factors that allow mildew and mold to form and grow. 
  • Home value increases: If you’re considering what will give your home a higher resale value, the natural lighting a skylight installation will give is huge! Prospective home buyers are in love with natural lighting, bright rooms, and lower energy bills.

Are skylights energy efficient?

We have mentioned the energy saving that a skylight offers, are they really energy efficient? It will depend on where the skylight is installed, and what part of the country your home is located. A home in Texas with a southern-facing skylight is going to gain a lot of heat, especially in the summer. 

So, Do skylights let heat into the house? If your dream home already has a skylight installed, and you didn’t realize how heated the room would get, there are things you can do that will make it more energy efficient. 

  1. Install blinds that are specifically designed for skylights.  They can be opened or removed electronically or manually, allowing you to choose how much of the sun rays are allowed inside. 
  2. Have an exterior awning installed over the sunlight. This can also minimize the possibility of limbs and other debris causing the need for skylight repairs. 
  3. Have a professional skylight repair technician inspect the skylight and reseal the window. 
  4. Have an upgraded skylight window installed that is a more energy-efficient model.

Is there a way to keep the skylight from affecting the temperature of my house?

Maybe the skylight was there when you moved in, or maybe you didn’t have the best professional help in choosing where you had it installed.  Now, it is too hot in the house during certain times of the day and year.  

You can make your skylight cooler and more energy-efficient with a skylight cover. This is a window covering that will block the solar heat rays and keep your room cooler during the hotter times of the day and year. 

Do skylights let cold air in?

Heat rises, we learn that in grade school, and glass isn’t as energy efficient as a solid structure. So yes, any heat in your home will rise and escape through the skylight or it will be cooled quickly cooled by the cold glass and sink into the living area of your home. 

Therefore, you should have any new skylight installed by a professional. Proper installation and the right choice of glass and frame can make a lot of difference. If the skylight already exists in your home, consult with a professional that offers skylight repair, installation, and upgrades. There are coatings and glazes that can be applied to existing skylights to help keep your home warmer in the winter, yet keep it cool in the summer. 

Can you insulate a skylight?

A skylight shaft that is installed in an attic that is vented and uninsulated attic should be insulated with either rigid foam or spray foam along the sides.  Making sure it is properly sealed is important. 

skylights and dormers on a tile roof

The Troubles and Worries Of It All! 

With all these concerns of being positioned right on the proper side of the house, worrying about leaks, and needing skylight repairs, you have to wonder, are venting skylights worth it? A properly installed and ventilated skylight will provide your home with many advantages, improve the comfort level and enhance your privacy.